Preparation of invitation for Russia tourist visa

How to obtain tourist invitation:

  1. 1. Book a room in Cosmos hotel for example (or in another hotel)
  2. 2. Those who will live in Cosmos fill out the form: www.hotelcosmos.ru/visa-support : and pay for invitation. It will costs 13.70 dollars USA. Those who will live in another hotel send apply for an invitation to support@ivisa.ru
  3. 3. Than fill out the form on the MOFA website: www.visa.kdmid.ru/PetitionChoice.aspx for visa.

The procedure for submission of documents and delays in obtaining specify at your nearest Russian consulate

Representatives of Russian contact center will answer on your questions
E-mail: support@ivisa.ru
Phone: +7(499)653-67-79


Those who going to live in camping will issue invitation by Politechnik museum.

    Please send to us information:
  1. 1. Passport ID
  2. 2. Date of issue
  3. 3. Date of birth
  4. 4. Home address
  5. 5. Phone number
  6. 6. Arrival and departure dates from Russia
  7. 7. Name of the city where you have Russian consulate

Information send to anvelo@ya.ru or oblomovamtb@ya.ru

Information for car drivers

If you will go to Moscow by car, choose the way cross Lituania or Finland.

If you would like to go through Belarus, you will need to arrange additional transit visa.

Rules of stay to Russia

According to Russian law, your Russian visa must be registered within 7 working days of your arrival (excluding weekends and official holidays). You can register at the hotel or camping.

It is the responsibility of the visitor to register in each place where you spend seven working days or more. When registering in each new city (where your stay is seven working days or more), you have to hand in the registration slip from the previous city, so we recommend taking a copy of all your registration slips. You must hand in the final original registration slip at the border on departure from Russia.

In St Petersburg, however, registration is usually completed by hotels and agencies through an online system so you may be advised by the hotel/agency to keep the original registration slip from your previous city of stay (where applicable) rather than handing it in to the St Petersburg authorities; in that case, you should hand in both original registration slips at the border on exiting Russia.

Please remember to take your passport, migration card and registration slip with you every time you leave your hotel or apartment.