About IVCA-Rally festival

Since 1981 the International Veteran Cycle Association has brought together cycling enthusiasts, owners of historic bicycles, historians of cycling, and owners of bicycle collections and museums. Each year an IVCA Rally is held over 3 or 4 days. And every year the meeting takes place in a different country, often with over 200 participants coming from up to 30 countries. Traditionally, the IVCA rally program consists of a one-day tour of 100 miles (160 kilometers known as a century), world championship races for various categories of antique bicycles, visits to local tourist attractions, and a costumed bicycle ride. Representatives from different countries ask for the right to host the event in their homeland, with the locations of rallies usually planned 5 years ahead. Andrey Myatievs invitation to the IVCA to visit Moscow for the 2016 Rally was accepted enthusiastically by members. This is the first time such a large veteran cycle event has been held in Russia, and it will create a great deal of interest among citizens and the international cycling community.